Ultimate Tooth Fairy Parent Pack

This is a great package for parents to be prepared for the Tooth Fairys arrival! You can start this package any time during the time your child starts loosing teeth. This package includes:

  • Tooth Fairy Door - we have many customers that put the Tooth Fairy door up while the children are sleeping to surprise them the next morning with how the Tooth Fairy got in to their house. You'll want to take pics of your child's face in the morning!
  • Tooth Fairy Prints - use this handy stencil of tooth fairy feet with the pixie dust to show where the tooth fairy left through her fairy door.
  • Tooth Fairy Dust - use the tooth fairy dust to sprinkle around your childs bed to show them that the tooth fairy flew around their room!
  • Tooth Fairy Picture - this is a fun piece to leave out when the child asks "where does the Tooth Fairy" come from?
  • Tooth Fairy Coins - leave these tooth fairy coins out when your child looses a special tooth like their first tooth or their front teeth!
  • 12 Predone Tooth Fairy Letters - parents your life just got easier with these predone letters! Each letter is different and ready to leave out when your child looses a tooth.
  • Certificate of Tooth Excellence - the tooth excellence certificate congrats your child on taking care of their teeth!
  • Tooth Fairy Pillow - this is the best way to make sure you don't loose those precious teeth or that you don't wake your child when the tooth fairy is trying to find the tooth! There is also a place on the front of the pillow to record when each tooth is lost!

Make your life easier with the Ultimate Tooth Fairy Parent Pack! This is a great way to make those unforgettable childhood memories!